Shelters/Emergency homes

  1. In the course of workshops and conversations with victims, we have discovered that the greatest hurdle and obstruction standing in the way of victims to feel secure, is a safe shelter
  2. The reason most of them do not raise an alarm and even those that do go silent, is simply that they have nowhere to escape to, and end up being endlessly victimized.
  3. Most do not even think of going back to their families, friends, or relatives, either due to social stigma or because in India, a married woman is expected to ‘treat the husband as GOD, and stay in her marital home until she dies.
  4. There are innumerable suicide cases since the victims neither had anywhere to go nor did they have anyone to stand up for them.
  5. Lack of employable skills and resources to fight legal battles, have also been the cause for high suicide rates among victims
  6. How it works:

    • The launch of shelters and volunteer shelter program. Several individuals came together to help victims by offering their homes either free of cost or on a subsidized rental. Others sponsor a hotel stay, with hotel partners offering free or subsidized stay
    • We have also created a few long term shelters with schools and NGOs