Rescue Services

Our experience and research, complemented by the support of our NGO partners uncover that:

  1. The maximum number of domestic violence cases are reported around midnight
  2. The victimized women feel helpless and their lives seem threatened, since they are unable to escape from the location
  3. Women with children feel even more helpless, and their children are traumatized as well

How it works:

  • Our hotline is a support and rescue mechanism for victims, especially those in highly volatile situations and extreme trauma
  • The calls are received by highly trained volunteers, making it easier for them to assess the situation and speak with the caller with patience as well as a sense of urgency
  • Most often victims want help in the interim, while knowing that there is someone for them. They are hesitant to approach the police given the stigma attached in doing so.
  • Our nearest NGO partner or team of volunteers reach the victim, and help them reach the emergency short-term shelters. If required, volunteers also carry emergency medical aid.
  • Once the victim is safe, we consult with counselors and a team of lawyers for further action
  • Where essential (possible threat to life of the victim and or her children and family), we seek the support of the police and other administrative authorities